Reyes-Lamothe Lab

McGill University

Lab Alumni

Reyes Lab, summer 2014 (left); Angela Yu and Rodrigo after presenting her MSc thesis, Sep 2017 (middle left); Reyes Lab, summer 2016 (middle right); Nitin, Tom (via Skype) and Rodrigo celebrating the publication of our paper in eLife (left)

  • Marshall Gayman, Summer Student (SURA) 2017 (Currently: Medical School at McGill University)
  • Angela Yu, Undergraduate Student 2014-2015, MSc student 2015-2017 (Currently: Graduate student and Rhodes Scholar at University of Oxford, UK)
  • Jia Lu (Angela), Undergraduate Student 2015-2016 (collaboration with Walter Reisener's group at Physics), and Winter-Summer 2017
  • Marie Gomez, Visiting Masters Student Summer of 2017 (Currently: Graduate student at the University of South California, USA)
  • Pim van den Bersselaar, Visiting Masters Student Winter-Summer of 2017 (Currently: Graduate student at TU Delft & Erasmus Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • Mostafa Abdelwahab, Volunteer Fall 2016- Winter 2017
  • Fong Hue, Visiting Masters Student Sumers of 2015 & 2016 (Currently: Graduate student at the California State University, Fullerton, USA)
  • Florian Commans, Visiting Masters Student Winter-Summer 2016 (Currently: Travelling around the globe)
  • Yin Xin Ho, Undergraduate Student 2015-2016 (Currently: Graduate student at the University of Manchester, UK)
  • Thomas Beattie, Postdoctoral Fellow 2013-2016 (Currently: Health Information Officer, Breast Cancer Now, UK)
  • Andrea Wang, Undergraduate Student 2015-2016 (Currently: Graduate student at McMaster University)
  • Michael Reaume, Undergraduate Student Winter 2016 (Currently: MD candidate, University of Ottawa)
  • Vivi Ma, Graduate Student 2013-2016
  • Tuo Yu (Stella), Undergraduate Student Summer 2015 (Currently: Student at McGill University)
  • Xiaoyu Wei, Undergraduate Student Winter 2015
  • Harsh Aurora, Undergraduate Student Winter 2014-2015 (Currently: Graduate student at McGill University)
  • Alina Phen, Undergraduate Student Fall 2014 (Currently: Dental School, University of Toronto)
  • Chloe Pou-Prom, Undergraduate Student Summer 2014 (Currently: Graduate Student at the University of Toronto)